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Preventive Dentistry

Routine Dental examination is very important for welling of your oral cavity and teeth. Few of us taken that for granted which can have serious implication in future. At Applebite dental we emphasis on good oral hygiene and and prevention.

Our motto is prevention is better then cure. At your regular dental visit we focus on  oral hygiene care that includes scaling cleaning preventive dental X-rays and fluoride application. It is recommended by Australian dental council to have six monthly check ups and gum cleaning for adequate dental health. 

At Applebite Dental we recommends conservative or minimal dentistry. We encourage fissure sealents to all young growing patients and also mature adults. Dental sealents is done on posterior molars and premolars to seal the deep grooves which prevents decay of teeth.

we also encourage custom made mouthguard for the children playing contact sports.

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