Dentist Thornbury

Do you seek dental consultation only when you have a dental emergency? Do you feel occasional pain or sensitivity in your teeth but ignore it because it subsides naturally? Are you seeing blood in your toothbrush while brushing teeth but ignoring it? If you nodded a yes, it is important that you find the best dentist Thornbury as soon as possible. Wondering why we insist you to hurry up? Well, it is needless to say that dental problems can become bigger if not handled in the right time and manner.

Most of us ignore going to a dentist and try home remedies or simply overlook any dental problem, which is a wrong practice. Oral health is the gateway of your overall health and any problem can cause you a huge trouble in future. If you want to prevent permanent damage to your teeth and gums as well as save money on big dental treatments, it is important that you schedule frequent visits with a dentist Thornbury. It is recommended to visit a dentist once every six months to ensure your oral health is just perfect.

Searching for the best dentist is important. You cannot trust anyone random for your dental wellness, Can you? There are many dentists in Thornbury and searching the right one can be intimidating. However, you can trust Applebite Dental for your oral health as we are the leading dental clinic in the region. Our excellence can be measured with the fact that we have grown our customer base significantly in the last few years and receive appreciation from our customers frequently.

How to choose the best Dentist Thornbury?

If you are having problems finding the best dentist Thornbury, we are happy to help you with your hunt. We understand that your oral health is important to you and you need to ensure that you trust the right professional. To make it easier, here we have offered you a few tips to identify the best dentist near me and seek dental treatments and services:


The qualification of the dentist is the first and foremost aspect to consider when you are searching for a dentist. The dentist Thornbury must be licensed and certified to offer dental treatments. You can enquire about the dentist’s qualification at the dental clinic. Besides qualification, you must also ask about the practices and policies they follow at the dental clinic. Hygiene and infection policy is one of the most important aspects to consider.


The location of the dental clinic is also important to consider. It is recommended to find a dental clinic that is located near you and is easily accessible. The more you have to travel to the dental clinic the tougher it would be to reach dental help in case of emergencies.


Dental treatments can be very expensive if you consult a rogue dental clinic. However, at the best dental clinic in Thornbury, you will receive cost-effective treatments. Moreover, the dentist would offer you several modes of payments as well as assistance in proceeding insurance claims.

Personal Comfort

Finally, your personal comfort must not be compromised in a dental clinic. This means that you must be able to share your symptoms to the dentist, explain any problems, and ask questions without hesitating.

At Applebite Dental, we offer you highly cost-effective treatments and a very comfortable environment. Moreover, we are located at a prime location, well connected to most of the parts of the city. We have strict policies for hygiene and infections and ensure to adhere by them diligently.

Why choose Applebite Dental for Dentist Thornbury?

Applebite Dental was founded by Dr. Dhaval and is one of the most trustworthy dental clinics in Thornbury. Dr. Dhaval is a well-qualified, seasoned and credible dentist with several years of experience. We provide you with a one-stop solution for all your dental concerns including general dentistry, cosmetic dental treatments, root canal treatment, preventive dentistry and more. Our staff is qualified and highly professionals. We try to make your visit to our dental clinic as comfortable as possible to ensure you do not have any fear or phobias while undergoing any dental treatment. Applebite Dental aims to preserve your dental health and the beautiful smile that you wear on your face.