Dental Crown near Pascoe Vale

Dental Crown in Pascoe Vale

Dental crowns are used as a cover or cap on a tooth that is decayed or damaged beyond measure. With the help of dental crowns, dentists can restore the appearance of a tooth and ensure that your teeth are protected from further damage or decay. These crowns can be made using different materials, from porcelain to metals, that increase the durability of the crowns.

Here’s everything you need to know if you’re looking to opt for a dental crown near Pascoe Vale:

Why are Dental Crowns Recommended?

Dentists recommend dental crowns in a number of cases to both restore and protect teeth. You will be required to opt for a dental crown near Pascoe Vale if:

  • Your tooth has been severely damaged by a cavity

Your dentist will crown the damaged tooth to ensure that there is required support for the tooth and it is saved from any additional damage.

  • You have undergone root canal

Root canal leaves a gap within the tooth that can get infected if it is left uncovered. A dental crown works as the ideal cap to a tooth that has been treated using a root canal.

  • You have a badly decayed tooth

A decayed tooth can cause decay to the surrounding teeth. With a dental crown as a cap over a badly decayed tooth, further decay is prevented.

  • You have a missing tooth

Dentists often recommend dental crowns if you have a missing tooth. These crowns are generally placed over dental implants for better protection.

Getting Dental Crowns at Applebite Dental near Pascoe Vale

The dentists at Applebite Dental have been helping patients with their dental needs for years, ensuring the best possible treatment for the most effective outcome. We have the latest technology required for dental x-rays and more in order to find out the cause of discomfort in your case and identify the best treatment methods.

In case you require a dental crown implant, we make the entire process seamless for our patients, from using computerised cameras to quicken up the procedure to providing after-treatment care tips that you can follow.

At Applebite Dental, our dentists are equipped to handle every dental complication, helping you improve your oral hygiene and the quality of your teeth. By conducting a thorough examination, our dentists can guide you through the process of implementing dental crowns. In case you are facing issues with existing dental crowns near Pascoe Vale, you can consult or visit us to rectify the issue.


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