Dental Bridges near Brunswick

Your smile can speak a thousand words. However, missing teeth can lead to a great deal of heartache and lack of self-esteem. Many people choose not to smile for fear of being ridiculed.

Getting the right dental bridges near Brunswick can help deal with missing teeth and give you back your perfect smile.

When Do You Need Dental Bridges?

Sometimes, accidents or health conditions lead to missing teeth, which can severely hamper one’s routine life. This can often cause difficulties in eating or even speaking. For people in occupations where they are required to meet clients daily, this can be extremely embarrassing.

Dentists recommend dental bridges as a replacement for the fallen or missing tooth, helping fill the gap left behind. Rather than implanting the tooth within the gums, bridges work as support systems for the replacement tooth, keeping it in place by forming a bridge toward the adjacent teeth.

The Types of Dental Bridges Commonly Opted For

Depending on the condition of your teeth and the position where the gap exists, we will choose the ideal dental bridge from among various types that can help keep the tooth in place without any hassle. This will also depend on the number of teeth missing.

Some of the common types of bridges used by dentists are:

Maryland dental bridge: This treatment makes use of two natural abutment teeth on the sides of the gap. A framework made of metal or porcelain is bonded at the back of the abutment teeth, forming the bridge. However, this can only be done if the teeth on both sides of the gap are natural.

Traditional dental bridges: This treatment involves a crown that, holding the false tooth in place, is cemented to the abutment teeth. This, too, requires the abutment teeth to be natural.

Implant-supported bridges: As the name suggests, this treatment makes use of implants for every missing tooth to hold the bridge in place. This is also the strongest type of dental bridge, requiring two surgeries.

Cantilever bridges: In this treatment, only one natural abutment tooth is required which helps keep the new tooth in place with a crown cemented to the abutment tooth.

Get Your Dental Bridges near Brunswick at Applebite Dental

At Applebite Dental, we have the latest dental care equipment to help treat your oral concerns. Our team is equipped to skilfully restore gaps in your teeth by placing dental bridges. You can consult our dentists about the various dental services we offer and the possibilities of getting dental bridges at our Brunswick clinic.


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