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At Applebite Dental Clinic, we aim to help people restore the beauty of their teeth and smile. Our expertise in cosmetic dentistry services helps us not only restore but also prevent severe dental problems from increasing and affecting your oral health more gravely. We suggest the best treatment including cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening, veneers for teeth, crown dental procedures, cosmetic dentures, as per your dental condition and make sure that you do not feel twice before flashing a perfect smile.


Cosmetic dentistry is the branch of dentistry that focuses on making your smiles- perfect. While we all have a beautiful smile, various reasons affect our dental health- making our teeth yellow, chipped, stained- and rip us from smiling in front of others. Do not let a dental condition make you feel awkward in social arrangements with the best cosmetic dentistry in Pascoe Vale. Right from treating discolored teeth because of smoking to fixing a chipped tooth from a fall, our cosmetic dentistry experts are readily available to help patients in Pascoe Vale with a range of cosmetic dental treatments.


We offer an extensive range of cosmetic dentistry treatments for the residents of Pascoe Vale including:


Apart from poor oral hygiene, a number of habits like consuming caffeine, smoking, etc. can cause discolouration or staining of teeth. But it isn’t really necessary to give up these habits in order to maintain sparkling white teeth. Cosmetic dentistry works like a charm in bringing back your confidence with teeth whitening solutions that are lasting and more efficient than most other teeth whitening options, as every cosmetic dentist in Pascoe Vale would have you believe too!


A protective layer over your pearly whites, veneers have the important task of improving the aesthetics of your teeth and protecting them from possible damages. For people with teeth that chip easily or are misaligned with more gaps between teeth than you could possibly want, veneers are recommended by cosmetic dentists in Pascoe Vale as the perfect solution without any invasive treatment.


Whether dental decay, a prolonged dental disease, aging effect or an injury that left or took off most of your teeth, an easy solution to get a flashy smile back is cosmetic denture in Pascoe Vale. A set of artificial teeth made using special acrylic material; the dentures are made bespoke to fit your mouth settings. They are very comfortable to wear and use and do not create any problems or hindrance in your day to day work.


Dental crowns are both preventive and therapeutic methods to treat dental cavities or any other damage. They are permanent fitting bonded to the top of the teeth, making them a part of your now perfect smile. They fit the tooth in the most natural way and enhance the appearance while offering better functionality. They are an easy method for sealing large fillings, strengthening the weak tooth, sealing the tooth with RCT, and more.


Every Applebite Dental cosmetic dentist in Pascoe Vale is esteemed highly for their skills. And while this is reason enough, there are a number of reasons why cosmetic dentistry could be right for you.

Enhances your appearance: Cosmetic dentistry is used to improve how your teeth look and thereby enhance your appearance.

Wide range of treatment options: No matter what your dental issue, there are a number of treatment options under cosmetic dentistry that are apt for different requirements.

Quick procedures: Unlike certain dental procedures, cosmetic dental treatments take lesser time and are relatively painless.

If you’re looking for dental enhancements, consult the right cosmetic dentist in Pascoe Vale at Applebite Dental.

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