Dental visits at an early age can significantly impact the way children view dentists and dental visits. A great first visit can go a long way in helping ease the mind of children where dentists are considered. This is one of the many reasons why dentists specialising in dental treatments for children are so significant to dental clinics.

At Applebite dental, we have some of the best child dentists in Coburg who are experienced in managing children’s dental visits while alleviating their fears and anxiousness. Our dentists are equipped to assist your children with their dental problems right from an early age, ensuring the right development of their teeth. From teething to thumb-sucking, our child dentists help you deal with your child’s dental issues efficiently and with care.

Tips to Ease Your Child’s Mind Before Dental Visits

Dental visits are often considered as traumatic by children who have heard adults mention dental treatments as being painful. It is important to keep certain dos and don’ts in mind around children when referring to dentists or dental treatments.

Choose a warm and approachable dental clinic

Children understand emotions as well as adults. Taking your child to a child dentist in Coburg who is warm and approachable can create a great difference and make your child more responsive to treatment and regular visits.

Schedule regular dental checkups

One of the foremost ways to keep your child from being anxious every time a dental visit is mentioned is to ensure regular dental checkups right from the start. When you take your child to the dentist only when something goes wrong, your child will automatically associate dentists with pain and discomfort. Make sure you go for regular checkups that help the child become more familiar and at ease with the dentist.

Create positive dental care associations

When talking about dental care and treatment, make sure you avoid using words such as pain, injection, drilling, etc. even in passing around your children. Our dentists make it a point to use terms that do not upset children and help them view dental treatments in a positive light.

To make sure your child has the right start in dental care, you can visit our child dentist at Applebite Dental in Coburg by setting up routine checkups and giving your children the opportunity to become more familiar with our dentists and be more at ease every time they visit us.

You can also avail our services at Campbellfield, Glenroy and Preston.

Child Dentist Frequently Asked Questions

According to ADA, you should make your child’s first visit to dental when first tooth becomes visible clearly or they are 12 months old. If anything happens before that which doesn’t seems to be normal for you, make your baby’s dental visit straightaway.

Baby teeth are very important as same as adult teeth. baby teeth always act as a guidance for adult teeth to come out at correct place in the mouth and in a correct sequence. If proper oral hygiene is not followed, can result into decay or caries, which if left untreated can result in loss of tooth before their scheduled time. This eventually affect the appearance of secondary /adult teeth later like crowding or spacing (orthodontics treatment).

Good oral hygiene and habits like brush twice a day along with cleaning the gums

Visit dentists regularly

Ban bottles from bed

Limit or avoid sticky foods or fizzy drinks like juice

Get enough fluoride

Ditch the pacifier

Watch sugar intake

Be mindful of Sippy cups