All You Need to Know About Invisalign Go

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Nobody wants to deal with the hassles of traditional braces but many people want a straighter and beautiful smile. It is now possible to achieve a well-aligned smile without braces! Invisalign Go is an innovative orthodontic treatment that helps straighten teeth and correct various other dental issues. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign Go are comfortable clear aligners that offer a snugly fit and work towards shifting the teeth to their desired position.

In simple terms, Invisalign Go is a subset of the broader Invisalign treatment. Both treatment options use clear and custom aligners and offer the same level of comfort. However, there are some key differences between Invisalign Go and Invisalign.

Difference Between Invisalign Go and Invisalign

  1. Scale of the treatment
  2. Invisalign Go is designed specifically for mild to moderate orthodontic issues, while the standard Invisalign can address a wide variety of cases, including complex ones.

  3. Treatment time
  4. Invisalign Go offers faster results and its treatment duration can be anywhere between 3 to 12 months. Standard Invisalign treatment may take longer, depending on the complexity of the case.

  5. Treatment cost
  6. Invisalign Go is often more cost-effective than standard Invisalign treatment. If you are an ideal candidate for Invisalign Go, you may be able to save on the treatment costs.

  7. Expertise of the provider
  8. Most general dentists or orthodontists are trained and skilled to conduct Invisalign Go treatment. However, for the standard Invisalign procedure, the orthodontists must have expertise and advanced training.

It is necessary to consult a dental expert in Coburg for Invisalign and Invisalign Go services. The orthodontic professional will be able to determine which treatment option will best suit your case! Now that we know the difference between these two treatment options, let’s find out about the common cases wherein Invisalign Go can help:

List of Orthodontic Issues Invisalign Go Can Address

Invisalign Go is recommended for the following orthodontic cases:

  1. Relapse after braces
  2. If you previously had braces and have experienced some relapse in your tooth alignment, Invisalign Go can help correct the issue.

  3. Mild bite problems
  4. Individuals with minor overbite, underbite, and crossbite problems can opt for Invisalign Go treatment.

  5. Spacing issues
  6. It is possible to get effective results from Invisalign Go if there are uneven gaps and spaces between teeth.

  7. Mild to moderate teeth crowding
  8. If your teeth are mildly overcrowded or misaligned, Invisalign Go can help bring proper alignment.

During your initial consultation, the dentist will assess your teeth condition and take into account the treatment goals to see if Invisalign Go is the right option for you.

Invisalign Go Benefits You Should Know About

✓  Invisibility
The most significant advantage of Invisalign Go is its nearly invisible appearance. The clear aligners are hardly noticeable which simply means your orthodontic treatment will not draw any unnecessary attention.

✓  Comfort
Invisalign Go aligners are made of smooth, BPA-free plastic, which means they are more comfortable than traditional braces. There are no wires or brackets in these aligners that cause sores and irritation in the mouth.

✓  Easy to remove
Invisalign Go are easily removable. You can enjoy your favourite foods and drinks without any restrictions. This also makes brushing and flossing easier. You can simply take out the aligners before brushing and eating.

✓  Fewer dental appointments
With Invisalign Go, you require fewer in-office appointments as compared to traditional braces. This makes Invisalign Go perfect for people with busy routines.

✓  Customised treatment
Each set of aligners is custom-made to fit your teeth’ placement and structure. As the treatment progresses, you will receive a new set of aligners that gradually shift your teeth to the desired position.

Well, we hope this blog has given you a brief idea about the marvels of Invisalign Go. For more information on Invisalign and Invisalign Go in Coburg, consult the dental experts at Applebite Dental today!

Crucial Things to Know About General Dentistry

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Most of us take our dental health and oral hygiene for granted. We pay attention to dental care only when we experience problems like toothache! General dentistry has solutions for most of your dental and oral health problems.

What Is General Dentistry?

General dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the overall health of your mouth. General dentistry procedures include a wide range of preventive and restorative treatments. The aim of general dentistry services is to protect and maintain an individual’s oral health.

General dentistry forms the foundation of dental care. General dentists are experts in diagnosing, preventing, and treating teeth and gum problems.

What Does General Dentistry Include?

Before you fix an appointment with a general dentist, you must know what they can help you with. Here are the dental procedures included in general dentistry.

  • Routine dental checkup
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Dental X-rays
  • Root Canal treatment
  • Tooth Fillings
  • Oral Cancer examinations
  • Tooth extractions
  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Sealants

A general dentist can help you maintain your oral health effectively. Regular dental checkups can help with the early detection of dental issues which, in turn, can lead to prompt treatment and rectification of the issue at the earliest. Delaying the diagnosis and treatment in the case of dental issues is never a good idea because oral health problems tend to escalate faster!

General dentistry is a vast field and choosing the right dentist for diagnosis and treatment is crucial. Here are a few factors you must keep in mind before choosing a general dentist.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing a General Dentist

  • Location

The location matters when you choose a dentist because some dental treatments require multiple visits. It is best to have a dentist located near your home or office so that it is convenient for you to visit.

  • Timings and emergency dental services

Check the clinic timings of the dentist you opt for. Some dentists also keep their clinics open on Saturdays for the ease of patients which can be very convenient. Also, check if the dentist offers emergency dental services because dental problems can also come unannounced and some may need immediate attention.

  • Check their reviews

When looking for a general dentist make sure to check the reviews. The online reviews can give you an insight into the dentist’s efficiency and overall practice. Recommendations from friends and family can also help you choose a good general dentist.

Finding the right dentist for general dentistry procedures can make your life easier! Having said that, even with a lot of awareness on general dentistry services people tend to ignore its benefits. Here are some benefits of opting for general dentistry procedures.

Benefits of General Dentistry Procedures

  • Focus on preventive dentistry

In addition to treating existing oral health problems, general dentistry also focuses on prevention. Preventive dentistry can protect you against oral infections, oral cancers, and other dental complications. General dentistry practitioners can also guide you on your regular oral health routine! 

  • Detection of cavities in early stages

General dentists are well-equipped to detect cavities early. This simply means they can treat the cavities before they progress and cause problems. Professionals in general dentistry use a series of advanced tools to detect micro-cavities, gingivitis, and other infections.

  • Restoration services

Along with timely detection, general dentists also treat cavities and infections effectively. From dental fillings to braces, general dentistry has a possible solution for all dental problems.

Most people avoid seeing a dentist and ignore dental problems until they start interfering with their daily routine. Here are a few signs that state you need to see a general dentist at the earliest-

Warning Signs You Need to See a General Dentist

  • Bleeding after brushing or flossing
  • Dry mouth
  • Loose teeth
  • Toothache
  • Pain and swelling in gums
  • Increased sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks
  • Persistent bad breath

If you experience any of these above-mentioned problems or want to start a regular dental check-up routine, visit Applebite Dental today for general dentistry services.

Crucial Factors to Consider When Choosing an Emergency Dentist in Coburg

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Tooth emergencies come unannounced and need immediate attention. Dental emergencies include everything from a broken tooth to a jaw injury. While some dental issues do not require immediate care, there are instances wherein these dental problems can cause pain and discomfort. It is only during these times that most people understand the importance of an emergency dentist in Coburg.

You may find a regular dentist in Coburg but not all dental professionals offer emergency services. This is why it is necessary to choose an emergency dentist without any delay. Choosing the right emergency dentist in Coburg is another challenging task. It is important to note that when it comes to dental emergencies prompt treatment is required. The dentist you choose for emergencies must be easily accessible.

Don’t wait until a dental emergency knocks on your door! Choose an emergency dentist in Coburg right away!

Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Dentist in Coburg for Emergencies

  1. Check the location of the dentist

In the time of crisis, you do not want to run around trying to locate your emergency dentist. Make sure to choose a dentist who is easily reachable. The dentist you select must be conveniently located so that it becomes easier for you to reach them and receive immediate dental care. It is always wise to choose a dentist who is near to your home or workplace!

  1. Check the experience of the dentist

It is necessary to check the level of expertise and experience of the dentist especially for dental emergencies. An experienced dentist can make informed and prompt decisions in crucial situations. Check the credentials and make sure the dentist has good hands-on experience too. A dentist who has provided emergency services for years is well-versed in handling serious situations which will give you peace of mind during emergencies.

  1. Take into consideration online reviews and references

Before selecting a dentist in Coburg ask for references and recommendations. This will help you narrow down your selection process in Coburg for a dentist. Check the online reviews of patients to get an idea of their services and overall treatment experience. Make sure the dentist you choose has a good professional reputation and is recommended by a good number of people. You can also visit their website to know more about their professional journey and services.

  1. Check the dental clinic you choose by making a personal visit

Schedule an appointment at the dental clinic you have chosen for emergencies. This will give you a clear picture of the staff’s behaviour and the overall clinic environment. Additionally, a personal visit can also give you a glimpse into the clinic’s hygiene standards. Check whether the dental clinic is giving you a stress-free and comfortable vibe.

  1. Enquire about their operational hours and emergency services

When choosing an emergency dentist in Coburg, make sure to enquire about their operational hours and emergency services. Ask about the contact details for dental emergencies. This will help you connect with an emergency dentist in Coburg without any delay during a crisis.

  1. Check the pricing of the emergency dental services

Compare the prices of dental clinics that offer emergency services. Shortlist the ones that suit your budget and payment methods. It is best to opt for dental clinics that offer flexible payment facilities and accept most payment modes because during an emergency you may opt for a different mode of payment.

Start your search for a reliable emergency dentist in Coburg today! Remember, having a dentist on your speed dial is a must.


Cosmetic Dentistry: All You Need to Know

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Changing the way we look is a deep-rooted attribute we all have but go to lengths to hide. While many of our imperfections can be hidden behind an upbeat personality, our teeth and smile are features that are always on display. For many, this is a physical and emotional setback.

Not having a smile or teeth generally perceived as perfect can shake one’s confidence to a great extent. Further, the more conscious we feel, the more we tend to withdraw from others.

Cosmetic dentistry helps lay these issues down to rest by providing dental treatments and solutions that cater to improving how one’s teeth appear. Providing your desired set of teeth, cosmetic dental treatments include a number procedures such as:

All of these procedures help chip away your dental issues and insecurities to give you a new and improved smile.

What Makes Cosmetic Dentistry So Popular?

While cosmetic dentistry is a means to improve how your teeth look and make your smile more attractive, the underlying reasons that make the treatments so popular are often more inherent. Here’s a quick glimpse into the reasons:

  • Improving professional opportunities

It’s not surprising to know that people are more taken by those who look more put-together. With the smile and teeth one of the first things to be noticed while interacting with a person, we are conditioned to store away even the minutest of details about the person’s appearance in terms of hygiene and perfection. A healthy smile and teeth make us think of someone as being responsible and confident in their approach. This is one reason why many believe that an improved set of teeth can also improve their professional opportunities significantly.

  • Raising one’s self esteem and confidence

While we’re certainly taught not to judge a book by its cover, it is hard to make ourselves believe that appearance is not everything. Often, people feel self-conscious of their supposed ‘shortcomings’, irrespective of whether others notice them too. The fear and anxiety results in a lack of self-confidence, making people feel shy away from being themselves. Many keep themselves from smiling or talking in public owing to their lack of confidence and the dead weight of having teeth not perceived as perfect.

Cosmetic dentistry works to alleviate these negative feelings by helping people have aesthetic teeth that make them more confident and improve their self-image.

  • The abundance of cosmetic dentistry procedures

With the advancements in the dental field, there is no dearth of cosmetic dentistry procedures to opt for. Every cosmetic dentist in Coburg is now an expert in carrying out these procedures by tailoring treatments for each patient. Improved technology also means that every treatment can be carried out comfortably and effectively with extremely minimal chance of treatment failure. Further, the results are optimal and often go beyond what one hoped for, resulting in dazzling smiles.

  • The convenience of payment options

Considering the outcomes of cosmetic dental procedures, the treatment can seem expensive. However, the high cost of treatment does not, in any way, diminish the need for these procedures. To make cosmetic dentistry more affordable for patients, many cosmetic dentists in Coburg now offer convenient payment plans that are ideal for the patient.

Further, many dentists also work in tandem with dental insurance plans to provide comprehensive covers for patients in need of cosmetic dental treatments.

Opting for your cosmetic dentist in Coburg

While there are many cosmetic dentists in Coburg to choose from, it is essential that you carry out extensive research to identify one that suits your needs. A simple consultation is often all you need to know whether they are the right dentist for you.

Facts about Dental Implants You Should Know

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Ever been conscious of missing teeth. You’re not alone. Missing teeth is more common than we realise. And to help you regain your confidence, dentists provide the perfect solution to give you natural-looking teeth that are permanent and durable – dental implants.

Dental implants in Brunswick can be fitted with the help of experienced dentists who are adept at assessing your requirements and flawless in carrying out treatments.

For those of you needing a permanent solution to missing teeth, here are some facts about dental implants that you should know:

1.  Dental implants are strong and durable

Our natural teeth are strong enough to withstand a lot of the trauma we accidentally put it through. A substitute that closely resembles the natural teeth in its strength and durability is a dental implant. Dental implants are fused with the jawbone to create a bond that is strong, both at the roots and overall.

2. Dental implants are easy to maintain

Dental implants are made using certain materials that, while resembling the natural teeth, do not have the same properties. This makes implants immune to decay and cavities. All you need to do to maintain your implants is to regularly brush and floss.

3. Dental implants do not require complex surgeries

Dental implants, while fused to the jawbone, are not complex to carry out. Dentists seamlessly perform implant surgeries on a regular basis, without any complications or risks hindering the process. Further, your dentist is sure to assess the strength of your jawbone as well as your overall dental health before recommending a treatment.

4. Dental implants keep the jawbone from receding

When a tooth is lost, the jawbone that was previously supporting the missing tooth begins to recede or is resorbed. This bone loss causes the shape of your mouth to change notably and leads to a more sunken appearance. With dental implants, the jawbone is fused with the implant, retaining the shape of the mouth and preventing bone loss.

5. Dental implants can help improve your speech and your bite

Apart from making you conscious of your smile, missing teeth can also affect your speech and your bite. This can make both socialising and chewing a difficult task. Missing teeth can also affect the overall functionality of the teeth. Dental implants help improve your bite and prevent a number of issues that could further affect your speech.

While the procedure requires a number of appointments, the outcome is permanent, ensuring that you need no readjustments in the future. Compared to many other procedures, dental implants near Brunswick are also affordable, making them a boon in the long run.

Bid adieu to unpleasant gaps in your teeth with dental bridges

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Your dental health is just as important as your physical and mental health. Your teeth carry out multiple functions like eating or biting, causing the lack of any tooth to affect your routine. Hence, even minor issues like gaps between the teeth should be treated using expert assistance. Dentists recommend getting a dental bridge treatment in Coburg to rid your teeth of unwanted gaps. A dental bridge is a custom-made false tooth that appears natural and covers gaps efficiently. It is usually anchored to the adjacent teeth of the missing tooth to fill in the gaps.

Why should one get dental bridges?

Coburg’s finest dental practitioners recommend dental bridges for multiple dental problems. Dental bridges help:

  • Fill up the gaps left by lost teeth
  • Keep the remaining teeth from falling out
  • Restore your facial shape
  • Regain the ability to speak and chew properly
  • Bring back your smile
  • Switch to a permanent dental appliance

The process:

Your dentist will conduct a complete check-up of your mouth and take X-rays to locate the exact spot where a dental bridge needs to be bonded. The supporting teeth are then prepared and shaped to hold the bridge properly. Dentists generally administer local anaesthesia during the entire process.

Next, an impression of your teeth is taken to customise a set of teeth that fit. The fabricated bridge is then fixed to the adjacent teeth using cement and resin. One may have to visit the dentist for follow-ups to check whether the treatment is allowing you to do your routine activities with ease.

The three main types of bridges dentists recommend are:

Traditional Bridge: This is the most common type, usually made of either ceramic or porcelain. They are non-removable and effectively fill the gap caused by a missing tooth.

Maryland Bridge: This type of bridge is often used to fix the appearance of the front teeth since they don’t require much pressure as compared to the back teeth.

Cantilever Bridge: This Bridge is also placed by binding it to the adjacent tooth. However, it is bonded only to a single tooth. This type is often used when there is no teeth on one side of the gapped area.

How long do they last?

A high-quality dental bridge, when maintained with additional oral care, can last up to 10-15 years. You must follow the dental care regime recommended by your dentist to make them last longer and keep them in pristine shape.

If you aspire to retain the beauty of your teeth while restoring their functionality, make sure you seek expert assistance from Applebite Dental‘s skilled dentists who customise the most fitting dental bridges in Coburg.

3 Things Your Cosmetic Dentist Wants You to Know

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We all know cosmetic dentistry to be a field that is non-essential compared to a lot of other dental procedures. Bearing other expenses of day-to-day living certainly seem more crucial compared to an optional teeth whitening procedure. However, there are some things about cosmetic dentistry that we fail to realise are vital. So, here are a few things that every cosmetic dentist in Coburg wants you to know.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures do offer protection.

While cosmetic dentistry is more focused on improving the appearance of your teeth, gum, and overall smile, the application of veneers – while hiding blemishes in your natural teeth – can provide protection to chipped or broken teeth by acting as a new and improved enamel, thereby keeping them from further damage.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments can improve your diet and food consumption,

The better condition your teeth are in, the more actively you are able to chew. Many people are confined to a restricted diet owing to the lack of teeth to chew every kind of food. With your teeth restored, your diet can be improved, bettering your health in the long run.

Cosmetic dentistry can act as a preventive measure.

More often than not, cosmetic dentistry is carried out on teeth that are chipped or on the verge of causing other dental issues. With certain cosmetic dental restorative procedures, these teeth can be restored, ensuring that more severe dental issues are prevented from occurring.

Understanding the need for every cosmetic dental treatment can give you a better insight on whether they are truly non-essential or extremely vital in restoring your teeth to their best condition.

3 Reasons to Get Dental Bridges at your Nearest Dental Clinic in Coburg

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Trying to cover up a missing tooth by talking less or smiling less will always be an ineffective method. A more permanent solution can work wonders in restoring one’s confidence instead. Dental bridges are one such restorative treatment that helps permanently fill the gap left behind by the missing tooth.

Dental bridges in clinics at Coburg involve fitting an implant between two natural teeth or on an implant that has been inserted in the gum.

To help you decide whether a dental bridge is right for you, here are some reasons why:

To Correct Your Jawline Structure

Missing teeth can alter the structure of your jaw, and not always in a good way. Getting dental bridges prevents your jawline from restructuring.

To Enhance Your Smile

Often, people tend to become insecure about their smile when they have missing teeth. Social interactions can become extremely nerve-racking in such a case, which is made worse due to the loss of confidence that the missing tooth has caused.

To Improve Your Bite

Missing teeth can often affect our bite, making chewing food comfortably a pain. This is more so an issue when the teeth missing are ones essential to biting or chewing, further affecting eating habits and causing one to avoid foods that need excessive chewing, no matter how nutritional.

Dental bridges help fill the gap in the bite and ensure easy biting and chewing of food, in turn resulting in better health.

With quality dental bridges in Coburg available at an affordable cost at Applebite Dental, you have all the more reason to opt for the dental treatment!

The team at Applebite Dental not only provides quality dental treatments but also ensures a comfortable environment to allay your fears of dental work and dentists.

A Brief Guide to the Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic dentistry has been a booming business for ages. People of every age have, at some point in their lives, needed a dentist’s intervention. To know and understand your options better, here is a brief guide to the different types of treatment offered under cosmetic dentistry.


Bonding is recommended as a treatment option for teeth that may have been chipped to give them a straighter, complete look. The treatment involves the use of resin at the edges to make the teeth appear straighter. Discoloured teeth are also treated with the bonding method to make them appear aesthetic. Bonding is the most affordable dental treatment and is also used in cases where a decayed tooth needs filling or close up gaps between teeth.


Orthodontics involves straightening crooked teeth. The field of orthodontics has made massive headway with the advent of Invisalign braces. Used for treating cases of teeth straightening, these braces can be worn and taken out all will unlike the conventional braces and need to be worn for a better part of the day to get the ideal result.


Contouring of a tooth is done for aesthetic purposes to deal with an uneven tooth, chipping, overlaps, etc. With the help of contouring, your cosmetic dentist in Coburg can polish and reform the tooth in question.

Laser gum contouring is also a widely-used treatment option to help patients with gummy smiles. This is ideal for patients who feel they show a lot of gum while smiling or have an uneven gum line.


Like bonding, veneers are recommended in case of a chipped tooth, to lengthen the size of a tooth, in case of discolouration, etc. Veneers are custom-made using ceramic or porcelain. Veneers can last as long as a decade, depending on your oral habits.

Depending on your budget as well as your requirement, your cosmetic dentist in Coburg can recommend the type of cosmetic dentistry most effective in your case.