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Applebite Dental is owned and operated by Dr Dhaval, one of Melbourne’s most respected Dental Practitioners. Dr Dhaval has been practicing in Victoria for many years and has built a reputation as a highly skilled and dedicated professional.

As a member of the ADA and APHRA, he is continuously updating his knowledge with ongoing education programs. He is passionate about finding new and innovative techniques and recently completed advanced courses in Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Dental Implants, Advance Crowns, Bridges and Prosthetic Work.

To help him run the practice, Dr Dhaval employs a team of passionate dental experts who bring with them a skill set that is unrivalled in the Coburg and Brunswick area.

Together, they insist on the very best possible standards when it comes to delivering exceptional customer care and they love to meet new patients of all ages and backgrounds.

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Reliable and Expert Dentist Coburg

Our ambition; to offer you a flawless and comfortable smile

Who doesn’t want a perfect smile? -

A perfect smile makes you smart and confident and also assures that you are healthy- inside out. However, sudden outbreaks or a prolonged underlying problem can make your smile fade away. If you are dealing with any turbulent oral problem, which is depriving you of your smile or making you uncomfortable during social arrangements, Applebite Dental is the right place for you.

A professional dental clinic in Coburg -

we understand the value of healthy teeth and gums and offer our best treatments to bless you with them. Our dentists and oral health therapists are experts in their field and have a record of assisting hundreds of people to have a confident smile.

A discounted price -

Our dental services come at a discounted price which makes them more approachable for one and all. At Applebite Dental, we are a dental clinic in Coburg that aims to offer instant relief from ailments as well as detect the root of the cause and offer the patients with a reliable and permanent solution.

What we do

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Applebite Dental is a family dentist located on Sydney Road, Coburg. We offer a full range of dental services that are easy, effective and affordable. They include;

General Dentistry / Cosmetic Dental / Emergency Dental / Teeth Whitening / Root Canal / Bridges / Dentures / Porcelain Veneers / Night Guards / Crowns & Caps / Gum Treatments / Implants.



Make sure you look beautiful with a perfect smile on your face. Our expert dentists extend their expertise to perform an in-depth checkup on your oral health and help you attend the problems with your teeth and gums before they become hard to handle.



Get rid of those aching tooth and rotten gums with the efficiency of our dentists in Root Canal Treatment, we use the pain-free techniques, quality tools and materials to make sure that an infection in your mouth cannot stop you from smiling carefree.



Whether it was a fall that hit you on your mouth or you are suffering from a toothache from prolonging diseases, our emergency dental services in Coburg are comprehensive and effective to cover all your dental emergencies.



While every smile is beautiful, a little teeth whitening, dentures, veneers and teeth scaling can create the next world charm. We offer comprehensive cosmetic dentistry services to make sure your smile is flawless and impressionable.